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Fri 30th Mar
2:15 pm
3:45 pm
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Nicolas Stage
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Jan's office
Fri 23rd Mar
10:00 am
11:30 am
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Paul Gallot: High-Order Tree Transducers
Paul présentera le papier de Sylvain, Aurélien et Paul, soumis à LICS 2018, sur le sujet des transducteurs d'arbres d'ordre supérieur.
Wed 21st Mar
2:00 pm
3:15 pm
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répétition Delta

Fri 16th Mar
10:00 am
11:30 am
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Luc Dartois in Links' Seminar: A Logic for Word Transductions with Synthesis
In this talk I present a logic, called LT, to express properties of transductions, i.e. binary relations from input to output (finite) words. I argue that LT is a suitable candidate as a specification language for verification of non reactive systems, extending the successful approach of verifying synchronous systems via Mealy Machines and MSO.

In LT, the input/output dependencies are modelled via an origin function which associates to any position of the output word, the input position from which it originates. LT is well-suited to express relations (which are not necessarily functional), and can express all regular functional transductions, i.e. transductions definable for instance by deterministic two-way transducers.
Despite its high expressive power, LT has decidable satisfiability problems. The main contribution is a synthesis result: it is always possible to synthesis a regular function which satisfies the specification.

Finally, I explicit a correspondence between transductions and data words. As a side-result, we obtain a new decidable logic for data words.
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Inria Lille
Fri 9th Mar
10:00 am
11:00 am
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Benjamin Bergougnoux : Counting minimal transversals of hypergraphs
A transversal of a hypergraph H is a subset of vertices that
intersects all the hyper-edges H. The enumeration and the counting of
the minimal transversals have a lot of applications in many domains
(graph theory, AI, datamining, etc). Counting problems are generally
harder than theirs associated decision problems. For example, finding
a minimal transversal is doable in polynomial time but counting them
is #P-complet (the equivalent of NP-complet for counting problems).

We have proved that we can count the minimal transversals of any
beta-acyclique hypergraph in polynomial time. Our result is based on
a recursive decomposition of the beta-acyclique hypergraph founded by
Florent Capelli and by the introduction of a new notion that
generalize the minimal transversals.

A lot of exciting open questions live in the neighborhood of our
result. In particular, our algorithm is able to count the minimum
dominating set of a strong-chordal graph. But counting the minimum
dominating set is #P-complete on split graphs. Is it the beginning of
a complete characterization of the complexity of counting minimal
dominating sets in dense graphs ?
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Salle B21
Fri 16th Feb
10:30 am
11:30 am
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Victor Marsault : Formal semantics of the query-language Cypher
Cypher is a query-language for property-graphs. It was originally designed and implemented as part of the Neo4j graph database, and it is currently used by several commercial database products and researchers. The semantics of Cypher queries is currently described using natural language and, as a result, it is often not well defined. This work is part of a project to define a full denotational semantics of Cypher queries. The talk will first present the main features of Cypher through examples, including the core mecanism: graph pattern-matching, and then will describe the formal semantics in its current state.
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Salle B21 - INRIA Institut National Recherche Informatique Automatique; 40 Avenue Halley, 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq, France

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