Team News (2018)

  • Offre de Stage / HSM – TETIS

    22 october: Offre de stage Master 2 Pro ou école ingénieur : Développement et benchmarking d’une plateforme de Text mining En savoir plus Candidature : Envoyer un CV + relevés de notes des deux dernières années à et
  • Martin PARISOT (team Ange) – « Congested Shallow Water model, floating structure modeling » – 25/10/18 – HydroSciences Montpellier

    October 25: Martin PARISOT (team Ange) will give a talk for the « MATHEO » conference organized by IM2E, Thursday 25th of October, « salle de conférences » HydroSciences Montpellier (HSM)  (    
  • Flux closures and source term models for shallow water models with depth-dependent integral porosity

    September 29: Vincent Guinot: Journal article accepted in Advances in Water resources This paper describes the governing equations, numerical implementation and validation of the depth-dependent porosity-based shallow water model developed by the team. This model incorporates a statistical description of the topography on the subgrid scale. Its purpose is the simulation of shallow flows over complex ...
  • PhD on mass transfert in porous media

    September 28th:  Carole is reviewer of M. Moezzibadi’s PhD : « Transfert de masse en milieu poreux : modélisation, analyse de sensibilité et estimation de paramètres appliquées à deux études de cas », that will be defended the 28th of September at University of Strasbourg (ICUBE). This work is supervised by R. Mosé and I. Charpentier.
  • RiverFlow 2018 international conference

    September 5-7: Carole Delenne and Vincent Guinot attended the RiverFlow 2018 international conference in Lyon. (see They presented a communication entitled “Experimental validation of transient source term in porosity-based shallow water models”. This was part of the special session “Shallow water porosity models for urban floods”, co-convened by Vincent Guinot and Sandra Soares-Frazão (Université Catholique de Louvain).
  • Award

    July: Fatima Palacios-Rodriguez has received an award from Comittee of Conference SWGEN 2018 (Colorado, 2-5 October). This award consists on the payment of the travel and of the hotel to go to the Conference.
  • Stay in INRA Avignon

    July:  Fatima Palacios-Rodriguez stayed in INRA Avignon with Thomas Opitz. From 9/07/2018 to 13/07/2018. AIM: To work in the simulation of spacio-temporal extreme scenarios.
  • Numach conference

    July: Antoine participated to the NUMACH conference in Mulhouse, where he gave a lecture on new results regarding discrete transparent boundary conditions, a recent work with Joao Caldas and Gaspard Kemlin.
  • PhD on sensitivity analysis for nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws

    July 11th: Carole will participate to the thesis committee for Ph.D. candidate Camilla Fiorini at University of Versailles. Lien:
  • Three young fellows to join the team!

    June: the team is really happy to welcome 3 new fellows in the team, as of September, 2018: Joao Caldas (PhD candidate with Antoine and Vincent), Joseph Kahn (PhD candidate with Antoine and Céline Casenave from INRA) and Fatima Palacios (post-doc fellow advised by Gwladys). Fatima was already in Montpellier, working with Gwladys in the ...
  • Journées Scientifiques Inria 2018

    June: Antoine participated to the “Journées Scientifiques Inria” organized in Bordeaux from June 27th to June 29th. The appointment of Bruno Sportisse as Inria’s CEO was made within this workshop.
  • Futur·e·s

    June: Antoine participated to Futur·e·s (formerly Futur-en-Seine, in Paris la Vilette) with the Tsunamilab team. The demo was awarded one of the 10 best demos in the workshop. More info on
  • Talk: Sur l’utilisation de conditions en relation avec les conditions limites de type transparent/absorbant

    May 31rst:  A. Rousseau was invited to give a lecture in the mini-symposium named « Sur l’utilisation de conditions en relation avec les conditions limites de type transparent/absorbant » in CANUM 2018. More info here :
  • A domain decomposition method for linearized Boussinesq-type equations

    May 22th: In this paper, we derive discrete transparent boundary conditions for a class of linearized Boussinesq equations. These conditions happen to be non-local in time and we test numerically their accuracy with a Crank-Nicolson time-discretization on a staggered grid. We use the derived transparent boundary conditions as interface conditions in a domain decomposition method, ...
  • How to simulate space-time extreme processes to assess natural disasters?

    May: How to simulate space-time extreme processes to assess natural disasters? Fátima Palacios-Rodríguez, Gwladys Toulemonde, Julie Carreau, Thomas Opitz Workshop Rare Events, Extremes and Machine Learning, May 2018, Télécom ParisTech, Paris, France

    Apply online: More information to read here
  • The Cascade project has been funded by the FNR-Luxembourg

    April: It is well-recognized that floods represent one of the most important natural hazards in terms of frequency of occurrence, human impacts and casualties, as well as economic losses. As stated by the United Nations report «reducing disaster risk » in 2004, in the time period 1980-2000 around 196 million people in more than 90 countries were exposed on ...
  • Deuxième rencontre autour de la Modélisation-Simulation-Optimisation à Montpellier

    6 juin: Carole Delenne présentera le projet Cart’Eaux à la Deuxième rencontre autour de la Modélisation-Simulation-Optimisation organisée par MIPS le jeudi 6 juin de 9h à 12h au bâtiment 10 du campus Triolet. Inscriptions (gratuit) et programme disponibles ici:
  • Café des Sciences

    20 mars: Café des Sciences: Antoine Rousseau gave a lecture on applied mathematics for renewable energies in the Café des Sciences at Inria Rocquencourt. This lecture was specifically prepared for a wide audience, allowing all Inria staff to participate.
  • Digital sciences for environment

    19 mars: Digital sciences for environment: Antoine Rousseau gave a lecture in the Centre d’Alembert (Orsay-Saclay), explaining how applied mathematics and computer sciences may help to better understand environmental processes. This was a joint conference with Alexandre Monnin, (Origens Medialab).
  • METMA IX : 9th conference on Spatio-Temporal modeling

    June: METMA IX : 9th conference on Spatio-Temporal modeling. Gwladys is president of the organizing committee in the international conference METMA IX which will be hold in France for the first time (Montpellier). Gwladys is also member of the scientific committee.
  • Tsunamilab in FUTUR·E·S

    15 avril: Tsunamilab in FUTUR·E·S:  Tsunamilab (a project between LEMON, Inria Chile and CIGIDEN) was selected to participate to the FUTUR·E·S festival in Paris, in June 2018.
  • LEMON in high school

    22 mars: LEMON in high school: Antoine spent one day with more than 150 students in high school at Castelnaudary (near Toulouse) to present LEMON and explain how digital sciences can be used in renewable energy production.
  • Visit in Santiago

    2-14 avril: Visit in Santiago :  Antoine visited Santiago (Chile) for two weeks. This trip was organized to work with colleagues of Inria Chile and MERIC : Gaspard Kemlin Inria Chile intern, ENPC) is working on boundary conditions and coupling of dispersive ocean models ; Cyril Mokrani and Marcos Di Iorio (Engineers, MERIC) are collaborating with LEMON and TOSCA ...
  • Evaluation seminar

    13 mars: Evaluation seminar / The whole team spent 1 day in Paris for the Inria evaluation seminar of the theme “Earth, Environmental and Energy Sciences ».
  • Philippe Naveau (LSCE, IPSL-CNRS) spent 2 weeks working at IMAG with Gwladys thanks to the Cerise project.

    April: Philippe Naveau (LSCE, IPSL-CNRS) spent 2 weeks working at IMAG with Gwladys thanks to the Cerise project.
  • Cerise Project: Simulation de scénarii intégrant des Champs ExtRêmes spatio-temporels avec éventuelle indépendance asymptotique pour les études d’Impact en Science de l’Environnement

    2016-2018: Cerise project (title in french : Simulation de scénarii intégrant des Champs ExtRêmes spatio-temporels avec éventuelle indépendance asymptotique pour les études d’Impact en Science de l’Environnement). Cerise is a project led by Gwladys funded by the LEFE program (action MAthematical and NUmerical methods). It aims to propose methods for simulating scenarii integrating spatio-temporal extremes ...
  • Poste d’Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche (ATER) Polytech Montpellier/HSM

    26 avril: Poste d’Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche (ATER) Polytech Montpellier / HSM Un poste d’ATER (section CNU 60) sera ouvert à la rentrée 2018 à l’Université de Montpellier. Ce poste est affecté en enseignement à Polytech Montpellier ( et en recherche à HydroSciences Montpellier ( PROFIL du POSTE :Les enseignements concernent les années 1 et 2 du ...
  • New publication: Modelling solute dispersion in periodic heterogeneous porous media: model benchmarking against intermediate scale experiments

    28 mars: New publication: Modelling solute dispersion in periodic heterogeneous porous media: model benchmarking against intermediate scale experiments  Highlights•Solute transport experiments in heterogeneous porous media, with high quality breakthrough curves accounting for statistical variations.•Intermediate scale behaviour of dispersion is shown to be non-Fickian.•A Fickian asymptotic behaviour is identified for large time and space scales.•A purely advective model with ...
  • Lecturer recruitment in spatial ecology / landscape ecology – Montpellier University

    April/may: lecturer recruitment in spatial ecology / landscape ecology – Montpellier University. Carole will chair a recruitment panel for a lecturer that will be affiliated to the department « Biology/Ecology » of the faculty of sciences of Montpellier University. Detailed profile and application procedure can be found on the ministry website, under the reference 0274:
  • Coding Sprint SW2D

    Coding Sprint SW2D. During 2 weeks (1 week in Sophia-Antipolis, 1 week in Montpellier), Carole Vincent and Antoine worked on a first release of the SW2D platform, in collaboration with 8 people from the engineering&software team (SED) in Sophia-Antipolis.
  • Fédération Blaise Pascal Scientific Committee

    Fédération Blaise Pascal Scientific Committee. Antoine participated to the scientific committee of Fondation Blaise Pascal. Several tens of projects were selected for scientific outreach in applied maths and computer sciences. More than 300k€ dedicated to these projects.
  • NEMOLOCO : working at Inria Chile

    NEMOLOCO : working at Inria Chile. In the framework of the NEMOLOCO associated team between LEMON and Pontificad Universitad Catolica, Antoine spent 2 weeks in Santiago, Chile. He started to work with Gaspard KEMLIN (Internship, Ecole des Ponts) and participated to the recruitment of Marcos Di Iorio (work on OceaPoS with Cyril Mokrani)
  • Simulation and optimisation of renewable marine energies

    Workshop « Simulation and optimisation of renewable marine energies ». From January 10 to 12th, the Inria team ANGE organized a conference in Paris on marine energies.  Antoine Rousseau and Cyril Mokrani (Inria & MERIC) participated with colleagues from the WindPoS projec (Mireille Bossy, Cristian Escauriaza).
  • Cart’Eaux Project

    2016-2018: Cart’Eaux Project – automatic mapping procedure for wastewater networks using multi-source information.   In France, local government institutions must establish a detailed description of wastewater networks. The information should be available, but it remains fragmented (different formats held by different stakeholders) and incomplete.In the “Cart’Eaux” project, a multidisciplinary team, including an industrial partner, develops a global methodology using Machine Learning and Data Mining approaches applied to various ...