Our Methodology


The highly experimental nature of our research validation methodology should be stressed. Our approach relies on building prototypes and on their large-scale experimental validation on real testbeds and experimental platforms. We strongly rely on the Grid’5000 platform. Moreover, thanks to our projects and partnerships, we have access to reference software and physical infrastructures in the cloud area (Microsoft Azure, Amazon clouds, Nimbus clouds); in the post-Petascale HPC area we have access to the Jaguar and Kraken supercomputers (ranked 3rd and 11th respectively in the Top 500 supercomputer list) and to the Blue Waters supercomputer. This provides us with excellent opportunities to validate our results on realistic platforms.

Moreover, the consortiums of our current projects include application partners in the areas of Bio-Chemistry, Neurology and Genetics, and Climate Simulations. This is an additional asset, it enables us to take into account application requirements in the early design phase of our solutions, and to validate those solutions with real applications. We intend to continue increasing our collaborations with application communities, as we believe that this a key to perform effective research with a high potential impact.