Model-based semantics to study the interferences between concurrent tasks


Καιρος (Kairos) is a research team with continuous collaboration with industries that aim to introduce analysis facilities as early as possible in the development cycle. In this context, they participate in a project managed by the IRT Saint Exupéry and in collaboration with numerous companies, amongst which with Renault Software Lab and Thales Alenia Space.  The project proposes to study, at different abstraction levels, the interferences that happen when concurrent software access to shared resources (like memories or buses). This typically happens more and more with the introduction of multi-core architectures in the automotive and spatial domains.


In strong collaboration with Renault Software Lab and Thales Alenia Space, you will define a DSL based on FIDL and its operational semantics. The operational semantics must be tailored to study the interferences (i.e. simultaneous accesses to shared resources like buses or memory). The semantics will be defined in the GEMOC studio and will benefit from debug services provided by the framework. The researcher will then suggest and generalize new services to help practitioners to understand their software and how they could avoid some flaws in it, focussing on the interferences.


A PhD in computer science (or a computer science engineer), curious and motivated by the world of simulation as well as by model-based design, not afraid to navigate in the middle of different technologies and curious to discuss with companies about their actual problems.


How to apply

Please send your application (PDF) to Julien Deantoni as soon as possible. Screening of applications starts immediately and continues until the position is filled.

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