Internship Unity

Unity and/or a time series plotter to help understanding cyber physical simulations


Καιρος (Kairos) is a research team, with strong connexion with industries, working on methods and tools to manage the behavior (potentially timed and concurrent) of programs written in dedicated languages, at different levels of abstraction. The targeted languages are mainly dedicated to the development of cyber physical systems (e.g., satellites, aircraft engines or drones). In this context we propose tools to simulate a (set of) program (s) with the possibility of using an omniscient debugger.


In this context, the understanding of the system requires the analysis of simulation traces, which is not very sexy… In order to make the understanding of behavior more affordable and enjoyable, two axes are proposed (open to more proposals according to the candidate and her/his ideas):


  • link the simulation to a graphical representation using unity. It will be necessary to develop a mechanism to easily connect a 3D model to the simulator (some PoCs have already been developped). The exact architecture have to be proposed and discussed before implementation.
  • link the simulation to a time series representation of the values evolving in the program. The technological choices will have to be chosen and discussed. We had a look on Grafana and the latest oscilloscup versions but it’s still open.


A M2 student, curious and motivated by the world of the simulation of physical cyber models, not afraid to navigate in the middle of different technologies. Note that a PhD on related topics is a possible follow up.


How to apply

Please send your application (PDF) to Julien Deantoni as soon as possible. Screening of  applications starts immediately and continues until the position is filled.

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