OPTIMA Seminar: Véronique François, Tuesday, November 03rd 2016 – Neighborhood search approaches for the multi-trip vehicle routing problem with time windows

Date: November, 3rd, 14h00

Place: Inria Lille-Nord Europe

Abstract: We introduce two large neighborhood search approaches for solving the multi-trip vehicle routing problem
with time windows, where each vehicle can perform several routes to serve a set of customers.
Besides considering a time window at the depot, the working time of each vehicle may not exceed
a maximum duration, while its start time is a decision variable. We compare specific operators that
tackle the routing and the assignment aspects of the problem simultaneously with a method combining
bin packing techniques and routing heuristics. An automatic configuration tool is used, not only to
improve the quality of the results, but also as a mean to gain knowledge about algorithm design options
and their interactions. This enables us to question the impact of commonly used heuristic components.

Joint work with Y. Arda and Y. Crama.

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