GOM Seminar: Hande Yaman, Tuesday, March 27th 2018 – Hub Location Problems: Applications, Models and Solution Methods

Date: March, 27th, 12h15

Place: Université Libre de Bruxelles

Abstract: Hubbing is commonly used in airlines, cargo delivery and telecommunications networks where traffic from many origins to many
destinations are consolidated at hubs and are routed together to benefit from economies of scale. Each application area has its own specific features and the associated hub location problems are of complex nature. In the first part of this talk, I will introduce
the basic hub location problems, summarize important models and results and mention the shortcomings of these in addressing real
life situations. In the second part, I will introduce new variants of the hub location problem that incorporate features such as
hierarchical and multimodal networks, service of quality constraints, generalized allocation strategies and demand uncertainty. I will conclude the talk with an ongoing work on a joint problem of hub location, network design and dimensioning.

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