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News and Activities


2018 Events and visits

  • February 2018: 1-week visits at Inria of UFG, UTFPR parteners
  • CoUrb 2018 participation, May 2018

    • EMBRACE partners will be at CoUrb 2018 workshop (2nd Urban Computing workshop), jointly organized with SBRC 2018 (most important Brazilian scientific event on computer networks and distributed systems)
    • Aline C. Viana will be the keynote of this event
  • IEEE ISCC 2018 participation, June 2018
    • EMBRACE partners will be at IEEE ISCC 2018 conference, where Antonio Loureiro (Brazilian coordinator of the team) is TPC chair

2017 Events and visits

  • October 2017: EMBRACE Kickoff workshop at UFMG
    • Participation of all partners and invited researchers from UFAL
  • February 2017: Creation of EMBRACE Associated Team at Inria

    • September 2017: starting of EMBRACE for two Brazilian FAPs – FAPEG (concerning UFG) and Fundacao Araucaria (concerning URFPR)
    • UFMG (main Brazilian institution) does not got any starting/budget signal from FAPEMIG