Robin Roussel

I am a PhD student working under the joint supervision of Niloy J. MITRA, Marie-Paule CANI, and Jean-Claude LÉON. The (current) title of my thesis is: Function-aware Manipulation and Editing of Shape Assemblies.


The advent of additive manufacturing strengthens the case for the development of intuitive shape modelling tools, enabling the user to customise complex shapes (or assemblies thereof) at a high level while preserving their functionality. In this context, a “smart” model could be one that:
– either reacts to a local deformation by applying additional changes in other places, within pre-defined boundaries, in order to maintain some functional constraints;
– or conversely, is able to transform itself in reaction to a change in its functional constraints.

The coupling of low-level geometry and high-level constraints for shape editing is particularly challenging when time-dependent properties of the object are concerned (e.g. constraining the motion of parts in mechanisms). Therefore, my work focuses on the exploration of such complex cases, in order to produce novel, intuitive and easy ways of modelling manufacturable objects.