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Anatomy Transfer to MRI – M2 Internship

Anatomy Transfer to MRI Images

(This position is not available any more)

M2 Internship at IMAGINE with François Faure

In a recent work, we showed that it is possible to transfer a complete reference anatomy to an arbitrary humanoid character based using only skin correspondence, by stuffing the empty space using interpolation and applying rule-based corrections.

Now, our goal is to register the anatomy against volumetric images (MRI), to obtain accurate personalized models, using deformation fields of the SOFA simulation library.
In this internship, you will select available image processing techniques to extract features from the MRI, as well as available SOFA deformation methods, and design new SOFA attraction forces to pull the deformable surfaces toward the image features. Several levels of detail may be used to optimally exploit the knowledge.

The following image shows a preliminary results using skin-based registration. See also our Siggraph Asia 2013 paper.