DATE SPEAKER TITLE (click on ▶ /▽ to read/collapse the corresponding summary and bio.)
2016/10/25 Bernhard Thomaszewski Computational Design Tools for the Age of Digital Fabrication

2016/07/08 Nils Thuerey Data-driven Fluid Simulation

2016/06/23 James Gain Parallel, Realistic and Controllable Terrain Synthesis

2016/05/26 Christian Jacquemin Arts and science: examples in computer graphics and image processing, and critical analysis

2016/04/14 Rahul Narain Adaptivity and Optimization for Physics-Based Animation

2016/03/31 Eugene Fiume Procedural Speech Synchronization for Facial Animation

2016/02/04 Ariel Shamir Creating visual stories

2015/12/17 Lynda Hardman Creating video stories

2015/11/23 Slim Ouni,
Catherine Pelachaud,
Ronan Boulic,
Marc Swerts
Expressive Cinematography (see seminar website)
2015/11/12 Laurent Grisoni An HCI view of sketch-based interaction

2015/10/26 Philippe Guillotel,
Arnav Jhala,
Mateu Sbert,
Karan Singh
Expressive Cinematography (see seminar website)
2015/10/01 Adrien Bousseau Computer Drawing Tools for Assisting Learners, Hobbyists, and Professionals

2015/09/10 Ludovic Hoyet Perception of Biological Human Motion: Towards New Perception-Driven Virtual Character Simulations

2015/07/03 Michiel van de Panne Animation Potpourri: New Models for Animated Vector Graphics, Motion Optimization, and Data-driven Animation

2015/06/05 Henri Gouraud Histoire de l’ombrage de Gouraud

2015/05/28 Jean-Michel Dischler Procedural texturing from Example

2015/04/23 Paul Kry Balancing Speed and Fidelity in Physics Based Animation and Control

2014/12/04 Pascal Bouchez De la trace vidéographique du spectacle vivant à celle du “spectacle des répétitions” : retour sur expérience et perspectives

2014/12/01 Karan Singh Perception Drawing and 3D

2014/11/13 Bob Sumner Character depiction, posing and synthesis

2014/10/23 Tamy Boubekeur Spatial, Statistical and Morphological Analysis for 3D Shape Modeling

2014/10/09 Wenzel Jakob Capturing and simulating the interaction of light with the world around us

2014/07/21 Mariët Theune, Nicolas Szilas, Ulrike Spierling, Paolo Petta, Remi Ronfard Expressive storytelling seminar (one day) : Mariët Theune: Nicolas Szilas, Ulrike Spierling, Paolo Petta, Remi Ronfard

2014/07/03 Mark Finlayson Learning Narrative Structure from Annotated Stories

2014/06/17 Matthias Teschner Particle-based Fluid Simulation

2014/06/05 Melina Skouras Design and Fabrication of Deformable Objects

2014/05/15 Boris Thibert Flat torus and smooth fractals

2014/03/28 Olga Sorkine Reality-inspired constraints for shape modeling and editing

2014/02/27 Jernej Barbic Model reduction for elasticity problems in computer graphics and animation

2014/02/20 Chris Wojtan Compensating for Defects in Geometric Models and Liquid Surfaces

2013/12/12 Bedrich Benes Inverse procedural modeling

2013/11/14 Paul Kry Grasping Motion

2013/10/31 James Gain Procedural Modelling

2013/09/23 Joaquim Jorge Adding more than two dimensions to tabletop interfaces. Is Tony Stark home ?

2013/07/11 Frédéric Cordier Inferring 3D curves from sketches

2013/07/04 Karan Singh Pose centric animation: support for a primitive artform

2013/06/20 Julien Pettre Velocity-based Models for Microscopic Crowd Simulation

2013/06/06 Ladislav Kavan Elasticity-Inspired Deformers for Character Articulation

2013/05/30 Yotam Gingold Rescuing Computers from Hard Problems

2013/05/23 Eftychios Sifakis Detailed Functional Simulation of Human Anatomy: Design Challenges, Performance Considerations and Emerging Applications

2013/04/05 Marc Christie Directors Lens: an intelligent assistant for virtual cinematography

2013/03/07 Loic Barthe Models for Intuitive Modeling

2012/12/20 Mathieu Desbrun The Power of Duals: from Poisson to Blue Noise

2012/12/04 Miguel Otaduy Animation of objects that collide and deform: balancing the trade-off between speed and realism

2012/10/25 Niloy J. Mitra Smart Geometry: In Search of Geometric Simplicity

2012/07/12 Ladislav Kavan 3D Virtual Characters: Skinning, Clothing, and Weird Math

2012/07/06 Michael Wand Shape Analysis with Correspondences

2012/06/12 Michael Gleicher From Art and Perception to Visualization, Video, and Virtual Reality

2012/06/07 Jarek Rossignac The Beauty of Motion

2012/05/24 Alla Sheffer Geometry in action

2012/05/10 Karan Singh Artist and Perception driven Interactive Graphics

2012/04/26 Nicolas Szilas Interactive Storytelling: Models, Architecture
and Approach

ERC Expressive seminar: Expressive cinematography (26/10/2015)

In the afternoon of Monday, 26 October 2015, Imagine organizes a seminar on Expressive cinematography. This event is a part of the series supported by the ERC Expressive grant. The seminar will be held in the Grand Amphi at Inria Grenoble, and is preceded by the PhD defense of Quentin Galvane in the morning (10:00) of the same …

ERC Expressive seminar: Expressive virtual actors (23/11/2015)

In the afternoon of Monday, 23 November 2015, Imagine and CRISSP (GIPSA-lab) organize a seminar on Expressive virtual ​​actors. This event is a special session ​in the series supported by the ERC Expressive​​, and follows the PhD defense of ​Adela Barbulescu​​ in the morning of the same day. The seminar will be held in the Amphi …