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WP5. Towards a new expressive media

The last work package consists in designing a prototype system which puts together all the expected contributions we listed and validates the feasibility of our vision. This new tool will heavily rely on the recent advances in Human Computer Interaction, both in terms of concepts and devices. Concerning devices, we are particularly interested by the new interaction tables that enable both sketching and multi-touch interaction gestures. From the increasingly widespread use of smaller devices that support tactile input, we can predict that these larger multi-touch tables will become the workstation of the future. Moreover, they would seem just created for our project, with their ability to capture sketches and gestures, if the last issue of interacting with a 3D world through a 2D device was solved.  This is the main scientific challenge raised by this work package, which also requires some more applied research for putting all our contributions together.

Scientific problem: Can we use multi-touch tables as an interface for seamlessly creating dynamic 3D content?

Our first results :

In addition to integrating contributions from the others WP into a main library, we conducted a specific research work in collaboration with Renaud Blanch [Brouet 2013].