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WP2. Sketch-Based modeling

The objective of this work package is to enable the quick creation of complex responsive shapes through 2D sketches. Addressing a number of specific cases one by one, as we did in the past (Turquin, 2007) (Wither, et al., 2009), leads to a large number of specialised interfaces and adds to the user burden. On the opposite, the goal of this work package is to enable the seamless creation, within the same system, of arbitrary composition of shapes of any dimension. We also want to include distributions of such shapes, needed to model repetitive details or multi-components materials. We expect to capture this way most of the objects a user would like to design, from virtual creatures to industrial virtual prototypes. Modelling such general, non-manifold shapes was never achieved so far in sketch-based modelling systems. Let us precise the scientific goal, and then detail our methodology.

Scientific problem: extend sketch-based modelling to allow the creation of composite responsive shapes. The latter may be any hierarchical combination of 1D, 2D and 3D elements and may include distributions of such elements, within a volume, on a surface, or along a curve.