Ameya Murukutla

I am a member of the IMAGINE team at INRIA Rhone-Alpes and LJK at Université Grenoble Alpes.  My thesis is under the supervision of Rémi Ronfard and Olivier Palombi. It is part of the Anatomy 2020 project which aims to develop an innovative educational tool for learning functional anatomy.


I work on developing educational content and authoring scenarios for Augmented Reality assisted Anatomy Learning.  At present all of the teaching videos are created by a designer using the directions of an anatomy teacher. This process is labor and cost-intensive.  We are developing an automated system by which educators can create and edit animated videos of anatomy lessons.  We incorporate principles of movie-making, especially storyboarding, in automated content generation.

About me

I have a background in Medicine and Embryology.  During my training in these fields, I realized the importance of incorporating interactive mixed-media resources in teaching complex 3D biological models. My motivation for my Ph.D. is to make Anatomical knowledge more accessible and easy to remember.

I am also interested in science illustration, serious gaming and improving the narrative design in scientific material.



Physics of amniote formation: Physical Review E, August 2016

Text-to-Movie Authoring of Anatomy Lessons:  AIME 2019 – 17th conference on artificial intelligence in medicine

Electrical stimulation of developmental forces reveals the mechanism of limb formation in vertebrate embryos :  The European Physical Journal E, August 2019