Full list of software

Full list of software

  • IsamDAE

    • IsamDAE (Implicit Structural Analysis of Multimode DAE systems) is a software library implementing new structural analysis methods for multimode DAE systems, based on an implicit representation of incidence graphs, matchings between equations and variables, and block decompositions. The input of the software is a variable dimension multimode DAE system consisting in a set of guarded equations and guarded variable declarations. It computes a mode-dependent structural index reduction of the multimode system and is able to produce a mode-dependent graph for the scheduling of blocks of equations in long modes, check the structural nonsingularity of the associated consistent initialization problem, or generate simulation code for the nonsmooth dynamical system simulation tool Siconos.

      IsamDAE is coded in OCaml, and uses the following packages: GuaCaml by Joan Thibault, MLBDD by Arlen Cox, Menhir by François Pottier and Yann Régis-Gianas, Pprint by François Pottier, Snowflake by Joan Thibault, XML-Light by Nicolas Cannasse and Jacques Garrigue.

    • https://team.inria.fr/hycomes/software/isamdae/
  • MICA

    • Mica is an Ocaml library implementing the Modal Interface algebra. The purpose of Modal Interfaces is to provide a formal support to contract based design methods in the field of system engineering. Modal Interfaces enable compositional reasoning methods on I/O reactive systems.

    • http://www.irisa.fr/s4/tools/mica/
  • Demodocos

    • The tool Demodocos allows to build a generic model for a given procedure from some examples of instances of this procedure. The generated model can take the form of a graph, a Test 'n Flip net or a SEVEN scenario (intended for integration into a virtual reality environment).

      The classic use of the tool is to apply the summary operation to a set of files describing instances of the target procedure. Several file formats are supported, including the standard XES format for log events. As output, several files are generated. These files represent the generic procedure in different forms, responding to varied uses.

      This application is of limited interest in the case of an isolated use, out of context and without a specific objective when using the model generated. It was developed as part of a research project focusing in particular on surgical procedures, and requiring the generation of a generic model for integration into a virtual reality training environment. It is also quite possible to apply the same method in another context.

  • snowflake

    • Snowflake interfaces a WAP-solver (Weighted Adjacency Propagation problem), a functor-based implementation of CoSTreD (Constraint System Tree Decomposition), along with a minimalist MLBDD (Arlen Cox's BDD package) toolbox.

    • https://gitlab.com/boreal-ldd/snowflake/-/wikis/home

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