Scientific innovations in the field of industrial training (maintenance training, complex procedures, security, diagnostic) using Virtual Reality technologies.

This project seeks to put in synergy a number of scientific axes:

  • Collaborative work that can handle representative complex scenarios of industrial training
  • Virtual Human for its ability to embody the user as an avatar and acting as a collaborator during training
  • Communication between a real user and a virtual human acting as a collaborator
  • the evaluation process that will offer a methodological framework allowing to review the contributions of the submitted innovative solutions.

The CORVETTE project is also deeply nested with the industry’s concerns and applications. More specifically we rely on:

  • An industrial platform of integration offered by one partner of the project (GVT: Generic Virtual Training by the Nexter Training company)
  • Sizeable industrial scenarios
  • External users (club of industrial users) who, by submitting scenarios and constraints, guarantee the relevance of the analysis of our needs

You can find more information at the Corvette homepage.