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September, 21, 2017, 9:30 am, Federico Ulliana (GraphIK)

Jeudi 21 septembre, 9h30, Bat 5, Salle 3.156

Federico Ulliana will present a paper by Markus Kroetzsch entitled “Ontologies for Knowledge Graphs?” (invited talk at DL 2017, see and connect it to issues and techniques studied in the team.

Abstract (of Markus Kroetzsch DL 2017 invited talk): Modern knowledge representation, and DL in particular, promises many advantages for information management, based on an unambiguous, implementation-independent semantics for which a range of reasoning services is available. These strengths align well with the needs of an ever growing information industry that embraces declarative knowledge modelling as one of the pillars of their businesses and operations.
Today, giants like Google, Facebook, and Wikimedia consciously deploy ontological models, and store information in graph-like data structures that are more similar to DL ABoxes than to traditional relational databases. Many smaller organisations follow, and “knowledge graphs” appear in numerous places. One would therefore expect to see a steep increase in the practical adoption of logic-based KR. In practice, however, this is rarely observed. I will discuss the current state of affairs and ask which technical and pragmatic issues might contribute to the surprisingly limited impact of DLs in this area. Wikidata, the knowledge graph of Wikipedia, will serve as a concrete illustration for a lack of formal KR in an application where other knowledge engineering and (semantic) data management technologies have been adopted with great enthusiasm. Focusing on this particular example, I will motivate some requirements arising in such systems, and present initial ideas for addressing them in various logics.


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