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October 7, 2016, 2 pm, PhD Defense Namrata Patel (Graphik)

Avis de soutenance de thèse : Namrata Patel – Vendredi 07 octobre 2016 à 14h – BAT5 : Salle JP Nougier (2/022)
Title: Preference Handling in Decision-Making Problems”,


Intelligent `services’ are increasingly used on e-commerce platforms to provide assistance to customers. In this context, preferences have gained rapid interest for their utility in solving problems related with decision making. Research on preferences in artificial intelligence (AI) has shed light on various ways of tackling this problem, ranging from the acquisition of preferences to their formal representation and eventually their proper manipulation.
Following a recent trend of stepping back and looking at decision-support systems from the user’s point of view, i.e. designing them on the basis of psychological, linguistic and personal considerations, we take up the task of developing an“intelligent” tool which uses comparative preference statements for personalised decision support. We tackle and contribute to different branches of research on preferences in AI: (1) their acquisition (2) their formal representation and (3) their implementation.
We first address a bottleneck in preference acquisition by proposing a method of acquiring user preferences, expressed in natural language (NL), which favours their formal representation and further manipulation. We then focus on the theoretical aspects of handling comparative preference statements for decision support. We finally describe our tool for product recommendation that uses: (1) a review-based analysis to generate a product database, (2) an interactive preference elicitation unit to guide users to express their preferences, and (3) a reasoning engine that manipulates comparative preference statements to generate a preference-based ordering on outcomes as recommendations.

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