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November 25, 10:15 am, Sebastian Rudolph (Dresden University)

November 25, 10:15 am, Bat 4, Seminar Room,
Title: The Curse of Finiteness: Undecidability of Database-Inspired Reasoning Problems in Very Expressive Description Logics
Recently, the field of knowledge representation is drawing a lot of inspiration from database theory. In particular, in the area of description logics and ontology languages, interest has shifted from satisfiability checking to query answering, with various query notions adopted from databases, like (unions of) conjunctive queries or different kinds of path queries. Likewise, the finite model semantics is being established as a viable and interesting alternative to the traditional semantics based on unrestricted models. In this talk, we discuss diverse database-inspired reasoning problems for very expressive description logics (all featuring the worrisome triad of inverses, counting, and nominals) which have in common that role paths of unbounded length can be described (in the knowledge base or the query), leading to a certain non-locality of the reasoning problem. We show that for all the cases considered, undecidability can be established by very similar means. Most notably, we show undecidability of finite entailment of unions of conjunctive queries for a fragment of SHOIQ (the logic underlying the OWL DL ontology language), and undecidability of finite entailment of conjunctive queries for a fragment of SROIQ (the logical basis of the more recent and popular OWL 2 DL standard).

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