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March 2-3, 2020: Second ANR CQFD Project Meeting, 9:30 AM

Second ANR CQFD Project Meeting
2-3 Mars 2020, Inria Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff, 9h30-17h
Contact: Federico Ulliana (


Existential Rules: a Study Through Chase Termination, FO-Rewritability
and Boundedness – M.-L. Mugnier (GraphIK)

A Single Approach to Decide Chase Termination on Linear Existential
Rules – M. Thomazo (Valda)

Mixed-World Reasoning with Existential Rules under Active-Domain
Semantics – M. Bienvenu (LaBRI)

Ontology-Based RDF Integration of Heterogeneous Data – M. Buron
Graal : What’s Next ? – J.-F. Baget (GraphIK)

The Complexity of Answering Rooted Counting Queries in the Presence of
an Ontology – Q. Maniere (LaBRI – Valda)

On the Optimization of Recursive Relational Queries: Application to
Graph Queries – L. Jachiet (Télécom Paris)

Provenance for EL : First Results – C. Bourgaux (Valda)

Existential Rules and Transitivity : Open questions  – M. Thomazo (Valda)

The SIDES platform : M.-C. Rousset (LIG)

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