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March, 8, 2018, 10:00, AbdelRaouf Hecham (GraphIK)

8 Mars, Salle 03.152, BAT 5, 10h00
 Title: Combining Apples and Oranges: A Flexible Representation for Defeasible Logics and Repair Semantics.
Abstract: We propose Statement Graphs (SG), a new logical formalism for defeasible reasoning and repair semantics based on argumentation. Using a flexible labeling function, SGs can capture the variants of defeasible reasoning (ambiguity blocking or propagating, with or without team defeat, and circular reasoning) and certain repair semantics (IAR, ICAR, and -possibly- ICR, AR). We also evaluate our approach with respect to human reasoning and propose a working first order defeasible reasoning tool that, compared to the state of the art, has richer expressivity at no added computational cost.

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