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March 11 and 12, 2019, CQFD project Kick Off Meeting

CQFD – Kick Off Meeting – Paris Télécom (46 Rue Barrault, 75013) – 09:20 AM, Salle C017

Summary: Ontology-Based Data Access (OBDA) is a novel paradigm for data access and integration that makes it easier to query legacy databases by exploiting domain knowledge provided by ontologies. In the OBDA approach, ontologies enable a unified view of information over a collection of datasets, by enriching, generalizing, and relating the vocabularies of different data sources. Ontologies also allow one to query incomplete databases, by relying on inference mechanisms including the creation of new values to represent unknown information. The goal of the CQFD project is to develop an OBDA framework applicable on heterogeneous data models and deployable over federated polystore systems.

This two-days kick-off meeting will present the project in more details and related challenges. The talks by members of the project will be organized in six sessions.

Monday: federation and heterogeneous data, use cases on data integration and temporal data, temporal reasoning.

Tuesday: JSON data and expressive queries, reasoning with provenance information, presentation of software tools.

Contact: Federico Ulliana (

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