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June 10, 2016, 2:00 PM, IA Seminar, Leila Amgoud (DR-CNRS à l’IRIT, Toulouse)

10 juin à 14h, salle BAT5-3/124
Leila Amgoud (DR-CNRS à l’IRIT, Toulouse)
Title: Argumentation-based defeasible reasoning
Abstract: Argumentation is an alternative approach for defeasible reasoning. It is based on the idea of justifying plausible conclusions by “strong” arguments. Starting from a knowledge base encoded in a logical language, an argumentation system defines arguments and attacks between them using the consequence operator associated with the language. Finally, it uses a semantics for evaluating the arguments. The plausible conclusions to be drawn from the knowledge base are those supported by “good” arguments.
In this talk, we present two families of such systems: the family using extension semantics and the one using ranking semantics. We discuss the outcomes of both families and compare them. We then compare the argumentation approach with other well-known approaches for defeasible reasoning, namely default logic.

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