Data Structures and Robust Geometric Computation

We are pursuing efforts to design efficient algorithms both from the theoretical and practical point of view. We made significant contributions to algorithms for computing Delaunay triangulations. We are still working on the practical efficiency of existing algorithms to compute or to exploit classical Euclidean triangulations in 2 and 3 dimensions, but the current focus …

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Mesh Generation and Geometry Processing

Mesh generation Meshes are becoming commonplace in a number of applications ranging from engineering to multimedia through biomedecine and geology. The elaboration of algorithms for automatic mesh generation is a notoriously difficult task as it involves numerous geometric components: Complex data structures and algorithms, surface approximation, robustness as well as scalability issues. The recent trend …

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Topological and Geometric Inference

Due to the fast evolution of data acquisition devices and computational power, scientists in many areas are demanding efficient algorithmic tools for analyzing, manipulating and visualizing more and more complex shapes or complex systems from approximating data. Many of the existing algorithmic solutions which come with little theoretical guarantees provide unsatisfactory and/or unpredictable results. Since …

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