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IT Development Engineer – BioPIM project


The mission of the engineer is part of a European research project, the BioPIM project, EIC PATHFINDER program, which started in May 2022. This project aims, among other things, to parallelize and evaluate algorithms in the field of genomics on a “Processing-in-Memory” (PIM) architecture. The hardware architecture is based on a new DRAM memory developed by the company UPMEM (a project partner) which allows the creation of 8 GB memory arrays that integrate 128 microprocessors. More specifically, the mission will be to develop, parallelize, implement, test and validate algorithms in the field of genomics on PIM architectures.

Duration: 36 months

Salary: between 2109 € and 3256 € gross monthly according to experience

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  • Parallelize genomic algorithms on PIM
  • Implement parallelization on UPMEM servers
  • Evaluate the performances
  • Participate actively in the European project BioPIM



  • Programming languages: C, C++, Python
  • Testing and continuous integration methodologies
  • Parallelism
  • Technical english

Level of training

  • Engineer, Master

Fiel of training

  • Computer science, Software engineering

NB: knowledge in genomics is not required

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