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Internship Engineer HPC – 6 months


Processing-in-Memory aims at moving calculation directly to the main memory of the computer. This computation paradigm avoid costly data movements between the memory and the processor cores, allowing to decrease both energy consumption and time computing. We are currently evaluating the parallelization of several genomics and bioinformatics algorithms on this kind of memory, especially on a new DRAM developed by the UPMEM company.

Internship proposal

The internship will participate to the evaluation process. According to the competences of the candidate, the mission will be to parallelize and evaluate one or more algorithms from the genomics field on an UPMEM server hosting a 128 GBytes PIM memory together with 2560 PIM processors. Challenges, here, are to find the best parallelization scheme to fully exploit the PIM features.

More information on the UPMEM DRAM memory are available here:

The internship is located in Rennes within the GenScale research team and within the framework of a national project (GenoPIM) and an European project (BioPIM).


Please, contact Dominique Lavenier for further information or send a CV to:

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