Job offers

Current proposals:

  • Post Doc
    • Method development for Structural Variation detection with linked-reads data (see description)
  • M2 Internship:
    • Etude de la dynamique évolutive de souches de Streptococcus pyogenes par séquençage MINION (voir la description)

In addition, please, contact D. Lavenier for position opportunities (Internship, PhD, Post-Doc, …). Send a CV + motivation letter related to GenScale research topics.

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PhD offer – Search engine for genomic sequencing data

  We are currently witnessing a deep knowledge revolution due to the availability of exponentially expanding DNA sequence databases. This is made possible by the continuous acceleration of DNA sequencing throughput. Sequencing data is accumulating faster than Moore’s Law, bringing fundamental new insights, conjecture, and understanding, with impacts in medicine, agronomy and ecology. Today, the …

Post-doctoral fellow in method development for Structural Variation detection

A 2-year post-doctoral fellowship is available at the Inria Genscale team in Rennes (France) to work on the development of novel computational methods for the detection and analysis of structural variation with linked-read sequencing data with Dr Claire Lemaitre and colleagues ( Context Linked-read sequencing technology, such as 10X genomics, is a very promising technology …