CMU talk

Karteek Alahari has given a VASC seminar on the 7th July during his visit to CMU.

CMU visit

Karteek Alahari will be visiting CMU in July.

Thesis jury

Deva Ramanan is a reviewer for Yang Hua’s PhD Thesis, co-supervised by Karteek Alahari and Cordelia Schmid in the Thoth project-team. The defense is scheduled for 10th June.

New paper

Work on the “consistency of silhouettes and their duals” is accepted at CVPR 2016. It is available on the publications page.


Jean Ponce visited CMU from February 24 – March 1, to work on their new book and a camera prototype.

New paper

Work on trinocular geometry is accepted at IJCV. It is available on the publications page.


The associate team has started its activities in February 2016.