GAMMA software

Volume meshing (3D)

  • GHS3D – Tet mesher – Software also distributed by Distene (**)
  • Hexotic – Hex mesher – Software distributed by Distene (**)

Surface and volume (re)meshing (2D or 3D)

  • Feflo.a/AMG-Lib – Anisotropic local remeshing and meshing sotware. Surface and volume mesh adaptation are handled in a coupled-way (**)
  • Bloom – A boundary layer mesh generator for complex geometries (**)
  • Interpol – Fields transfer or interpolation between meshes in 2D and 3D (**)
  • Metrix – Compute 2D and 3D metric field based on a priori error estimate (**)
  • Shrimp – A fast mesh renumbering and domain partitioning method a priori error estimate (**)

Moving Mesh (2D or 3D)

  • MovMsh – Changing-topology moving mesh technology to displace body-fitted object inside the computational mesh (**)

Geometric mesh intersection (2D or 3D)

  • Wolf-XFEM : Computation of a geometric mesh intersection between a surface mesh and a volume mesh (**)

Solvers (2D or 3D)

  • Wolf – 2D and 3D Mixed-Element-Volume solvers for compressible Euler and Navier Stokes equations (**)
  • SonicBoom – Computation of the sonic boom associated to an initial pressure distribution (**)

Visualization (2D or 3D)

  • VIZIR – Mesh visualization and modification software – Distributed by INRIA (*)


  • libMeshb – The libMeshb provides a convenient way to handle file in Gamma Mesh Format (*)
  • LPlib – A multithreading framework enabling quick and easy parallelization of programs dealing with meshes (*)
  • GMlib – A GPU framework based on OpenCL that enables quick and easy porting of programs dealing with meshes (*)
  • libOL – Fast space localization with an octree structure (*)

(*) Public domain
(**) The diffusion of this software is subject to a transfer agreement.

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