Software of the team

  • OreModules

    OreModules is a Maple package dedicated to module theory and homological algebra for finitely presented modules defined over an Ore algebra of functional operators (e.g., ordinary or partial differential operators, shift operators, time-delay operators, difference operators) available in the Maple package Ore_algebra, and to their applications in mathematical systems theory and mathematical physics.


    BLINEIDE stands for Bibliothèques Lilloises dédiées à l’Intégration Numérique des Équations Intégro-Différentielles. It is an open source C library dedicated to the numerical integration of systems of integro-differential equations.

  • MABSys

    MABSys stands for Modeling and Analysis of Biological Systems.  It gathers  necessary functions to determine the dynamic of a biological system modelled by a system of ordinary differential equations

  • SAMD

    SAMD stands for Stability Analysis of Multidimensional system et differential Delay systems. It provide a set of Maple routine for the analysis of stability of multidimensional discrete systems and systems with commensurate delays.  


The team members also participate to the developement of other software (listed below)


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