Selected partners on design problems in microwave electromagnetism.

  • McTao team, Inria, Sophia Antipolis (contact: J.-B. Pomet). Collaboration on the stability of microwave amplifiers and the analysis of periodic time delay systems.
  • VUB ELEC (Vreije Universiteit Brussels) department (contacts: Y. Rolain and G. Vandersteen). Collaboration around the synthesis of passive and active microwave devices.
  • Xlim Macao team, Limoges University (contact: S. Bila). Long standing collaboration with a major French actor in microwave engineering.
  • CNES, microwave department, Toulouse. Our historical partner for microwave engineering matters.
  • Royal Military College of Canada (contact: S. Amari). Collaboration on filter synthesis problems and more recently on the design of microwave oscillators.
  • Inoveos Sarl, Brive La Gaillarde. Starting collaboration around the software Presto-HF, and possible full-automatic robotic tuning devices.
  • Thales-Alenia Space, Toulouse. Regular collaboration, historical user of our tool Presto-HF.
  • Onera DTIS department, Toulouse (contact: C. Poussot-Vassal). Starting collaboration around questions of model reduction and stability analysis.
  • Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain (contact: A. Alvarez-Melcon). Collaboration on filters and antennas.
  • Politecnico Milano, Italy (contact: G. Macchiarella). Collaboration on filters and multiplexers.

Selected partners on inverse potential problems.

Selected partners shared by both problematics.

Overall scheme

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