Berkeley’s OpenWSN

Joint project with Prof. Xavier Vilajosana (UOC) Prof. Kris Pister (UC Berkeley) and the OpenWSN Community.

The OpenWSN project is an open-source implementation of a fully standards-based protocol stack for capillary networks, rooted in the new IEEE802.15.4e Timeslotter Channel Hopping standard. IEEE802.15.4e, coupled with Internet-of-Things standards, such as 6LoWPAN, …

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Discussions around the topic of effort around “IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e” started as an IETF mailing list in February 2013. The mailing list rapidly grew [now 279 members!], indicating a real interest of the industrial and academic communities for this technology. The 6TiSCH group held a …

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H2020 F-Interop

F-Interop is revolutionizing the way interoperability events are conducted. We are building a cloud-based system which allows implementors to meet online to test their implementations against one another, verify compliance in a automated way, and verify the performance of their implementations on large scale testbeds. This significantly cuts down time-to-market for standards-based …

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