(English) Team Members

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Team Leader

Nicholas Ayache

Keywords: Biomedical Image Analysis and Simulation

Office: F230, Fermat Building

Email: Nicholas.Ayache [at] inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 61


Hervé Delingette

Keywords: Surface Regularization, Image Segmentation, Surgery Simulation, Cardiac Modeling, Brain Modeling.

Office: F225, Fermat Building

Email: Herve.Delingette[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 77 64

Marco Lorenzi

Research Interests: Statistical Learning, Multimodal Brain Image Analysis, Imaging Genetics, Computational Clinical Neuroscience, Spatio-temporal Models

Office: F209, Fermat Building

Email: Marco.Lorenzi[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 62

Xavier Pennec

Keywords: Computational Anatomy, Medical Image registration, statistical computing on Riemannian Manifolds, Lie Groups

Office: F228, Fermat Building


Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 64

Maxime Sermesant

Keywords: Cardiac Modelling, Cardiac Image Processing, Model Personalisation.

Office: F227, Fermat Building

Email: Maxime.Sermesant[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 78 11

External Collaborators

Charles Bouveyron

Research Interest: Statistical learning (clustering, classification, regression) in high dimensions, Adaptive statistical learning, Statistical learning on networks, functional data and heterogeneous data, Applications of statistical learning (medicine, image analysis, chemometrics, humanities, …).

Email: charles.bouveyron[at]math.cnrs.fr

Nicolas Nicolas Duchateau

Research Interests: computational anatomy, pattern analysis, cardiac imaging

Email: nicolas.duchateau[at]inria.fr

herve Hervé Lombaert

Research Interest: Statistical Learning, Spectral Graph Theory, Registration, Segmentation

Office: F207, Fermat Building

Email: herve.lombaert[at]inria.fr

Phone: +1 (609) 403-0002

Visiting Researchers

Elena Erosheva

Professor of Statistics and Social Work

Visiting Professor

International Chair in Data Science

Universite Côte d’Azur, Nice

Office: F204, Fermat Building

Email: erosheva[at]uw.edu

Guillaume Lajoinie

Assistant Professor

Expertise: Microscale flows, Phase change, Heat transfer, Bubbles, Microbubbles, Ultrasonics, Acoustics, In Vitro Techniques

Office: F205, Fermat Building

Email: guillaume.lajoinie[at]inria.fr

Postdoctoral Researchers

Fanny Orlhac

Keywords: radiomics, image processing, statistical learning

Office: F214, Fermat Building

Email: fanny.orlhac[at]inria.fr

Sara Garbarino

Keywords: Neurodegenerative Diseases Progression Models, Inverse Problems, Regularization Theory, Data-driven and Mechanistic Model of Brain Atrophy Propagation, Compartmental Analysis.

Office: F207, Fermat Building

Email: sara.garbarino[at]inria.fr


Nina Miolane

Research Interests: Geometric statistics in Computational Anatomy, Inter-subject image registration for the Tetralogy of Fallot Heart.

Office: F224, Fermat Building

Email: nina.miolane[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 71 82

Team Assistant

Isabelle Strobant

Office: F229, Fermat Building

Email: Isabelle.Strobant[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 60

Fax: +33 4 92 38 76 69

Research Engineers

Alan Garny

Research Interests:Cardiac electrophysiological modelling, Modelling standards, Modelling software

Office: F206, Fermat Building

Email: Alan.Garny[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 77 89

Marco Milanesio

Research Interest: Cluster scheduling, Network Traffic Measurements,
Data Center Networking, Distributed Storage, Distributed Systems

Email: marco.milanesio[at]inria.fr

Graduate Students

Shuman Shuman Jia

Research Interests : Cardiac Image Processing and Modeling for Atrial Fibrillation

Email: shuman.jia[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 79 26

WenWei Wen

Research Interests: Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis, Analysis of Structural and Functional Brain Alteration

Email: wen.wei[at]inria.fr

JulianJulian Krebs

Research Interests: Deformable Image Registration, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis

Email: julian.krebs[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 71 56

Nicolas Cedilnik

Research Interests : Cardiac electrophysiology, Modelling, Image processing

Office: F226, Fermat Building

Email: nicolas.cedilnik[at]inria.fr

Web: https://www.nicoco.fr/

Phone: + 33 4 92 38 76 22

Clément Abi Nader

Research Interests : Statistical Learning of Heterogeneous Data in Large-Scale Clinical Databases

Email: clement.abi-nader[at]inria.fr

Jaume Banus Cobo

Keywords: Biomedical image analysis, Machine learning, Model personalization, Statistical learning

Email: jaume.banus-cobo[at]inria.fr

Tania Marina Bacoyannis

Research Interests: Cardiac Modelling, Electrophysiology, Inverse Problem, Machine Learning

Office: F216, Fermat Building

Email: tania-marina.bacoyannis[at]inria.fr

Zihao Wang

Research Interests: Statistical Learning in Medical Images Analysis, Deep Learning, Digital Signal Processing and Modeling

Office: Fermat Building

Email: zihao.wang[at]inria.fr

Nicolas Guigui

Research Interests: Statistics on Manifolds, Machine Learning, Medical Image Registration

Office: Fermat Building

Email: nicolas.guigui[at]inria.fr

Luigi Antelmi

Research Interests: Statistical Learning, Multimodal Brain Image Analysis, Computational Clinical Neuroscience

Email: luigi.antelmi[at]inria.fr

YannYann Thanwerdas

Research interests: Differential Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Machine Learning, Brain Computer Interfaces

Office: F224, Fermat Building

Email: yann.thanwerdas[at]inria.fr

Buntheng Ly

Research Interest : Deep Learning; Medical Image segmentation; Cardiac Imaging

Office : F207

Email: buntheng.ly[at]inria.fr

Hind Dadoun

Research Interest : medical image analysis, computer vision, statistical learning

Office : F216

Email: hind.dadoun[at]inria.fr

Marc-Michel Marc-Michel Rohé

Research Interests: Machine learning, shape analysis, statistical modelling

Office: F224, Fermat Building

Email: marc-michel.rohe[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 50 09

Sophie Giffard-Roisin

Research Interests : Cardiac modelling, electrical and mechanical simulations, patient-specific modelling (personalization)

Office: F226, Fermat Building

Email: sophie.giffard-roisin[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 75 61

thomas Thomas Demarcy

Research interests : image segmentation, surgery planning, shape modelling, anatomic variability, cochlear implant, temporal bone

Office : F210, Fermat Building

Email: thomas.demarcy[at]inria.fr

Phone : + 33 4 92 38 71 51

RochFiFi Roch-Philippe Mollero

Research Interests : Cardiac Modeling and simulation / Electrocardiography / Machine Learning for Computer Vision

Email: rochmollero[at]hotmail.com

Phone: 06 75 66 31 89

Rafifou Raphael Sivera

Research Interests : Longitudinal analysis / Diffeomorphic registration / Heart motion

Email: raphael.sivera[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 92 38 76 19

LoïcLoïc Devilliers

Research Interests :

Email: loic.devilliers[at]ens-cachan.fr

Pawel Pawel Mlynarski

Research Interests : machine learning, segmentation, medical imaging, algorithmics

Email: pawel.mlynarski[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 6 31 33 24 72

Mehdi_HHMehdi Hadj-Hamou

Research Interests: Brain development modelling, Biomechanics

Email: Mehdi.Hadj-Hamou[at]inria.fr

Qiao Qiao Zheng

Research Interests : deep learning in medical image analysis, artificial intelligence in medicine, computer vision

Email: qiao.zheng[at]inria.fr

Phone: +33 4 89 73 24 37


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