The aim of the DYNAMHIC Associate Team is to bring together a mathematical biology team at Harvard and the Inria team SISTM of applied statisticians at Bordeaux Sudouest.

This collaboration will allow the analysis of unique pre-clinical data in non-human primates of HIV cure interventions. In particular, we will focus on immunotherapy and therapeutic vaccine, which are very promising in term of efficacy and are at the leading edge of preclinical research in the area. The novelty of the approach is to propose an integrative project studying complex biological processes with novel mathematical statistical models, which has the potential to yield predictive computational tools to assist in the design of both therapeutic products and clinical trials for HIV cure.

Research direction are the following:

  • Designing mathematical models of viral rebound with immune control.
  • Devellop tools to understanding effects of immunotherapy on rebound and on latent virus.
  • Optimizing next-stage pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Key words

  • General Scientific Key words: computer-based simulations, differential equations, HIV, immunotherapies, in silico trials, mathematical modelling, mixed effect models, statistics, stochasticity, vaccines.
  • Research themes on digital science: bayesian methods, continuous modeling (ODE, PDE), deterministic optimization, inverse problems, statistical methods
  • Other research themes and application areas: computational biology, data science, immune system diseases, immunology, infectious diseases and virology, system medicine

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