Python Toolbox

P3δ: A Python implementation of recent methods for the stability analysis and stabilization of linear time-delay systems exploiting the delay action. Its control design strategy is based on properties of the spectral distribution of the time-delay system.

(Islam Boussaad, Guilherme Mazanti, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, Yoann Audet, Thomas Charbonnet, Honoré Curlier, Julien Huynh, Adrien Leclerc, Max Perraudin, Pierre-Henry Poret, Achrafy Said Mohamed, Franck Sim, and Matthieu Thomas)

MATLAB Toolboxes

YALTA: A MATLAB Toolbox for the Stability Analysis of Delay Systems and Fractional Delay Systems

(D. Avanessoff, C. Bonnet, H. Cavalera, A. Fioravanti and L.H.V. Nguyen)

FEMMES: A MATLAB tool box for simulating finite time observers endowed with distributed terms

(F. Mazenc, S. Ahmed, M. Ghomi)