• PUMA

    • PUMA is a system that is based on a kernel-level remote caching mechanism that provides the ability to pool VMs memory at the scale of a data center. An important property while lending memory to another VM, is the ability to quickly retrieve memory in case of need. Our approach aims at lending memory only for clean cache pages: in case of need, the VM which lent the memory can retrieve it easily. We use the system page cache to store remote pages such that: (i) if local processes allocate memory the borrowed memory can be retrieved immediately, and (ii) if they need cache the remote pages have a lower priority than the local ones.

  • Antidote

    • Antidote is the flexible cloud database platform currently under development in the LightKone European project. Antidote aims to reconcile high availability, horizontal scalability, and geographic scalability, with application correctness. It is designed to support the Just-Right Consistency approach.

      Antidote is both a research platform for studying replication and consistency at the large scale, and an instrument for exploiting research results. The platform supports replication of CRDTs, in and between sharded (partitioned) data centres (DCs). It supports strong transactional consistency inside a DC, causal transactional consistency between DCs, and on-demand global strong consistency.

  • CISE Tool

    • Static analysis of the model of a distributed application, to prove (under the assumption of causal consistency) whether the invariants of the application are always satisfied, and to provide a counterexample if not.


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