Etienne Ménager


Position : PhD student
Advisors : Christian Duriez
Mail : –

Research interest : Soft Robotics, Control, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Embodied Intelligence, Cognition.



Short Bio :

I graduated from:

  • ENS Rennes (École Normale Supérieure de Rennes) in mechatronic with a software engineering speciality.
  • ENS Paris Saclay – MVA (École Normale Supérieure de Paris Saclay – Mathématiques Vision Apprentissage).

I am a laureate of the agrégation des sciences de l’ingénieur, option informatique.

I did two internships during my studies: one on the interpretable classification of time series in the LACODAM team of INRIA Rennes (domain: machine learning) and one on the control of catheters in arteries in the DEFROST team of INRIA Lille (domain: soft-robotic and machine learning).


Thesis Project :

(in progress)


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