Pierre Schegg

Position :  Ph.D. Student
Affiliation : INRIA Lille – Nord Europe & Robocath
Advisors : Christian Duriez, Jérémie Dequidt, Philippe Preux
Adress : 40 Avenue Halley Bat A, 59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq, France.
E-Mail : pierre.schegg@inria.fr
Personal Website : LinkedIn

I received my Masters Degree from Ecole Centrale de Lille. I studied Mechanical Engineering and Control Theory. I worked on UAV control (quadcopter, boat, submarine), computer vision, mechanical simulation, compliant grippers, a surgical robot for otology and 3D printed prosthetics.

I am a Ph.D student currently working on autonomous control of a soft surgical robot for cardiology. I have a CIFRE grant and am working with Robocath on their robotized PCI platform.

Selected publications:


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