Félix Vanneste


Position : PhD student
Advisors : Olivier Goury – Christian Duriez
Mail :  felix.vanneste@inria.fr
Research interest :
Soft robotics, Finite Element Method, Meta-materials, Additive manufacturing


Short Bio :

I graduated from ISEN Lille (Institut supérieur de l’électronique et du numérique) in 2017 of an engineering degree in Embedded Systems.
I then became a research engineer in the team Defrost for one year working with Olivier Goury on the plugin Model Order Reduction.
After that I had the opportunity to begin a thesis in team Defrost.


Thesis Project : Design and simulation of Soft Robots made of meso-structured materials

Meta-materials, like meso-structured materials, are materials having a specific micro-structured tile that may be periodic, providing them specific macroscopic mechanical properties. These properties would be interesting to use with soft robots by providing some specific properties such as the anisotropy of being stiffer in one direction.

The purpose of this thesis is to develop a numerical framework allowing to simulate such
microstructured materials and their mechanical behaviour in the open source framework SOFA.


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