Simulation of cochlear implant insertion for patient-specific surgery planning (in collaboration with Yann Nguyen (Inserm))

Cochlear implant surgery is recommanded for deaf or near-deaf people for whom hearing aids are not sufficient. The surgery involves the insertion of a small elastic electrode array into the cochlea located in the inner ear. The implant can then stimulate the auditory nerve, mimicking the propagation of a sound. Because of the snail shell shape of the cochlea, the insertion is often incomplete leading to poor hearing results.

From left to right: complete insertion,

From left to right: complete insertion, “Folding tip” insertion, incomplete insertion

The project aims at simulating the insertion of the implant in the purpose of planning and improving the surgery. This can be used to determine an optimal angle of insertion, or a new  design of the implant.

Implant insertion

Example of a simulation of a successful insertion :


This work will be presented at the 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2016):

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