Airlab 2021-2022

On December 16, 2021, the artist Dewi Brunet, in collaboration with Olivier Goury from Defrost, presented the object of his residency in the team, and participated to an art/science debate.

Dewi is hosted in the team. The objective is to ease the collaboration between an artist and a research lab. Together, they produce an artwork, combining soft robotics and folding art, that can be visible until January 28, 2022 at Esapce Culture from University of Lille.

About Dewi:
Passionate about origami for more than 10 years and more recently by textile pleating, Dewi Brunet has developed strong skills and knowledge of folding. He believes a simple fold can help us understand better our world and improve it with applied innovations. He is always eager to teach and share the multiple bridges between folding, science, architecture, technology and fashion.

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