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École d’été de cartographie et de visualisation

Date: 3 au 5 juillet 2017 – Enssib Où : ENSIB, Lyon Programme : Organisateur : Eric Guichard Constat Les méthodes et outils de visualisation ont depuis 15 ans pris un grand essor en physique et en informatique. Elles soulèvent néanmoins des interrogations de plusieurs types: fiabilité de la représentation, puisqu’il s’agit de projeter …

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(Français) L’appel à projets 2017 de la Fondation Blaise Pascal


(Français) première réunion du projet CO3i — Connaissances collectives et cognition individuelle : conceptions, croisements disciplinaires, données

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Seminar by Federico Battiston: Structure and dynamics of multiplex networks

Federico Battiston from Queen Mary, University of London will talk about: Title: Structure and dynamics of multiplex networks Abstract: Many real-world complex systems consist of a set of elementary units connected by relationships of different kinds. All such systems are better described in terms of multiplex networks, where the links at each layer represent a …

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New research collaboration to enrich public debate around “fake news”

LYON, FRANCE. Today sees the launch of a new research collaboration, A Field Guide to Fake News at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, a gathering of thousands of journalists from across Europe and around the world.   The guide aims to enrich and stimulate public debate and responses to “fake news” online – by …

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Seminar by Dr. Gerardo Iñiguez: Modelling complex contagion with tie heterogeneities

Dr. Gerardo Iñiguez from Institute for Research in Applied Mathematics and Systems, National Autonomous University of Mexico. He is going to talk about: Modelling complex contagion with tie heterogeneities Social influence, the effect that the past behaviour of acquaintances has on our daily decisions, is arguably the main driving mechanism of many complex collective phenomena …

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Paper on Socioeconomic correlations and stratification in social-communication networks

Published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 13 125 (2016) Abstract The uneven distribution of wealth and individual economic capacities are among the main forces, which shape modern societies and arguably bias the emerging social structures. However, the study of correlations between the social network and economic status of individuals is difficult due to …

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Seminar: The power of local search for clustering by Vincent Viallat Cohen Addad

Abstract : What are the performance guarantees of the algorithms used in practice for clustering problems? In a paper with Phil Klein and Claire Mathieu, we give the first polynomial-time approximation schemes for the following problems: (1) uniform facility location in edge-weighted planar graphs; (2) $k$-median and $k$-means in edge-weighted planar graphs; (3) $k$-means in …

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(Français) Poste Mdc section 27 IUT/Lyon1 — LIP/ENS de lyon

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Controversy Mapping a Travel Companion

HDR dissertation by Tommaso Venturini under the Supervision of Pablo Jensen Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon Jury: Richard Rogers, Dominique Pestre, Dominique Vinck, didier bigo, Pablo Jensen, Eric Fleury Monday September 26th, 10:30AM. ENS de Lyon.