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(Français) Au colombier

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Publication in TCS: On MultiAspect graphs

by Klaus Wehmuth, , Éric Fleury, , Artur Ziviani, Abstract Different graph generalizations have been recently used in an ad-hoc manner to represent multilayer networks, i.e. systems formed by distinct layers where each layer can be seen as a network. Similar constructions have also been used to represent time-varying networks. We introduce the concept …

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IMOUTO: 21 Rue Pasteur 69007 Lyon. 69007 Lyon Tél : 04 72 76 99 53

ANR – SoSweet : A sociolinguistics of Twitter — social links and linguistic variations

The SoSweet project focuses on the synchronic variation and the diachronic evolution of the variety of French language used on Twitter. The Web has entered all areas of our social life. As the language is central in our social interactions, it is legitimate to ask how the Web has become a factor acting on language. …

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Publication by Yannick: Call Detail Records to Characterize Usages and Mobility Events of Phone Users We analyze a very large Call Detail Records (CDR) over 12 months in Mexico. It contains 8 millions users ans 5 billions of call events. Our first contribution is the study call duration and inter-arrival time parameters. Then, we assess user movements between consecutive calls (switching from a station to another one). Our study …

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SOCIONET: 6-8 Juin 2016 / ENS de Lyon

Rencontres interdisciplinaires pour jeunes chercheurs sur les réseaux sociaux : description, données, modélisation, interprétation L’Institut rhônalpin des systèmes complexes organise les 6-8 juin un atelier thématique de trois jours sur la notion de réseau social, ses usages dans différentes disciplines et sur les données qui la documentent. Par réseau, nous désignons un ensemble d’unités …

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(Français) La Lambretta

Adresse : 74 rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon Tel : 04 78 58 87 61 web :

L’ourson qui boit

L’ourson qui boit: 23 rue Royale. 69001 Lyon Tél : 04 78 27 23 37

Workshop on Data Driven Approach to Networks and Language

Lyon, France, MAY 11-13, 2016 Network Science Thematic Semester Series of Interdisciplinary Workshop *** Scope and Topics: The first aim of this workshop is to enhance our understanding of the links between individuals, social structure, and language usage. These questions should be addressed by the detailed analysis of recently available large digital datasets, like …

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Workshop on Dynamics On and Of Networks

Lyon, France, JUNE 20-22, 2016 Network Science Thematic Semester Interdisciplinary Workshop Series *** Scope and Topics The dynamical evolution of complex networks and ongoing processes are one of the hottest contemporary directions in Network Science. The main aim of this workshop is to bring together experts in this field focusing on the description, observation, …

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