• Heptagon/BZR

    Heptagon/BZR is a synchronous dataflow language whose syntax and semantics is inspired from Lustre, with a syntax allowing the expression of control structures (e.g., switch or mode automata).

    Heptagon is a research compiler, whose aim is to facilitate experimentation. The current version of the compiler includes the following features:

    • Inclusion of discrete controller synthesis within the compilation: the language is equipped with a behavioral contract mechanisms, where assumptions can be described, as well as an « enforce » property part. The semantics of this latter is that the property should be enforced by controlling the behaviour of the node equipped with the contract. This property will be enforced by an automatically built controller, which will act on free controllable variables given by the programmer.
    • Expression and compilation of array values with modular memory optimization. The language allows the expression and operations on arrays (access, modification, iterators). With the use of location annotations, the programmer can avoid unnecessary array copies.