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François Gindraud

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I am a 3rd year PhD student under the supervision of Fabrice Rastello (Corse team Grenoble) and Albert Cohen (Parkas team, Paris).


In my PhD subject I want to ease the programming of parallel computer architectures with a compound run-time and compilation approach. I specifically target what is called “manycore” architectures, composed of multiple multicore nodes each with a local shared memory, linked by a network. Examples of such architectures are the Kalray MPPA, Intel Xeon Phi, ST Platform 2012 ; but my work can also be applied to clusters of machines that fit the requirements. I want to provide a uniform programming model for these architectures, which abstracts the parallel aspects such as distributed memories, multiple nodes with multiple cores, as well as the network. The targeted programming model is a dynamically created data-flow task graph with explicit dependencies and special mutable memory regions living in a global address space built out of the distributed memories. Most of my work is focused on correctly handling these memory regions, by replicating them on each node according to a software cache coherence protocol and task requests.

The past year I have been focusing on the memory-allocator for the run-time. It has specific requirements which are not available in current state-of-the-art memory-allocators. It must be fast (multi-threaded nodes with lots of allocations and producer-consumer patterns) and efficiently use the small node memories. A design meeting the requirements has been done, and is working well on x86.

Future work includes making the rest of the run-time, and refining the programming model to increase performance and ease of use. Another task yet would be to integrate the run-time as a target for compilers that generates this kind of task graph, like OpenStream.

Academic history & interests

́After high school, I entered a Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles (a french institution, which is a 2-year preparatory school for scientific & engineering schools) in physics. There my interest shifted towards computer science, and I entered the computer science curriculum at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

During my three years at the ENS, my interests focused on how to program computers on the practical level (and it still remains there). So I am interested in programming languages (of every programming paradigm), and compiler and run-time design for implementing these languages. I also like work on modeling hardware properties, like memory models, which are a very convenient tools for compiler and run-time design on the low-level part.

Human being

I also am a human being which has activities not related to research. I like role-playing games, where you can build universes and see how it will evolve, and create societies with different basic concepts.
I also make computer stuff in my free time, like programming in a lot of various domains, from scripts to X11 desktop utilities, or from mini compilers to OpenGL graphical games. I use the Archlinux distribution, which makes you learn how stuff works and is very practical.


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Conference papers

A bounded memory allocator for software-defined global address spaces
François Gindraud, Fabrice Rastello, Albert Cohen, François Broquedis
ISMM 2016 – 2016 ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Memory Management, Jun 2016, Santa Barbara, United States. 2016
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