Team members

Principal investigators

  • Nicolas Brodu, permanent researcher at Inria Bordeaux. Data science, complex systems physics, modeling and inference, signal analysis
    Contact: nicolas dot brodu at inria dot fr
  • James P. Crutchfield, distinguished professor at UC Davis. Computational mechanics, physics of complexity, statistical inference for nonlinear processes
    Contact: chaos at cse dot ucdavis dot edu

Collaborators at Inria

  • Marina Sáez Andreu, post-doctoral researcher. Dynamical systems, time series analysis, ENSO phenomenon.
  • Bertrand Ygorra, post-doctoral researcher. Remote sensing, time series analysis, carbon dynamics

Collaborators at UC Davis (Complexity Sciences Center, Physics Department)

  • Alexandra Jurgens, Post-doctoral researcher. Stochastic modeling, information theory, stochastic thermodynamics, information engines
  • Mikhael Semaan, PhD student. Stochastic thermodynamics, ecological modeling, information theory, causal state inference
  • Adam Kunesh, PhD student. Origins of model complexity, dynamical systems theory, nonlinear modeling, machine
  • Samuel Loomis, PhD student. Representation theory and geometry of complex processes, quantum computational mechanics, quantum statistical mechanics

External Collaborators

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