Best student paper award

Fatima Zahra Moataz

Fatima Zahra Moataz received the best student paper award of the conference ALGOTEL 2015 for her paper entitled “On Spectrum Assignment in Elastic Optical Tree-Networks“.

  • Title: “On Spectrum Assignment in Elastic Optical Tree-Networks
  • Author: Fatima Zahra Moataz
  • Event: ALGOTEL 2015 — 17èmes Rencontres Francophones sur les Aspects Algorithmiques des Télécommunications, June 2015, Beaune, France.
  • Abstract: To face the explosion of the Internet traffic, a new generation of optical networks is being developed; the Elastic optical Networks (EONs). The aim with EONs is to use the optical spectrum efficiently and flexibly. The benefit of the flexibility is accompanied by more difficulty in the resource allocation problems. In this report, we study the problem of Spectrum Allocation in Elastic Optical Tree-Networks. In trees, even though the routing is fixed, the spectrum allocation is NP-hard. We survey the complexity and approximability results that have been established for the SA in trees and prove new results for stars and binary trees.

  • Keywords: Interval coloring; Optical networks; Routing and Spectrum Assignment; Approximation algorithms.

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