Jordi Martori PhD Defense : Probabilistic Models of Partial Order Enforcement in Distributed Systems

It will take place on June 12th 2017, at 2 pm, at LORIA room B013. The presentation will be held in English.
You are also welcomed to the reception, held  in the Club room, after the defense.
The jury is composed by:
Maria POTOP BUTUCARU, Universite Pierre Marie Curie – Reviewer
Weihai YU, University of Tromsø – Reviewer
Hala SKAF, Université Nantes – Examiner
Marine MINIER, INRIA Grand Est – Examiner
Pascal URSO, Université de Lorraine – Thesis co-supervisor
François Charoy, Université de Lorraine – Thesis supervisorAbstract
In this thesis we present models for different partial order enforcements, using different latency model distributions. While a latency model, which yields the time it takes for a message to go from one node to another, our model builds on it to give the additional time that it takes to enforce a given partial order. We have proposed the following models. First, in a one to many nodes communication, the probability for the message to be delivered in all the nodes before a given time. Second, in a one to many nodes communication from the receivers, the probability that all the other nodes have delivered the message after a given time of him receiving it. Third, in a one to many nodes communication, the probability that the message has arrived to at least a subset of them before a given time. Fourth, applying either FIFO or Causal ordering determining if a message is ready for being delivered, in one node or many. All of this furthers the understanding of how distributed systems with partial orders behave. Furthermore using this knowledge we have built an algorithm that uses the insight of network behavior to provide a reliable causal delivery system.
We validated our results, both with a simulation and a real-life experiment using Amazon’s EC2 platform.