Practical guidelines for newcomers

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Practical guidelines for newcomers

Office access and setup

  • Plan of Alan Turing building
  • Badges: access to buildings, canteen, cafeteria
    You need to obtain two badges: one from Inria, and one from École Polytechnique.

    • Inria badge lets you access Alan Turing building, your office, as well as conference rooms. Sometimes, you may need to update your Inria badge. To do that, you need to put it on a small black box on the left of the turnstiles in the lobby, and press F1.You can charge some money onto the Inria badge and spend them in Safran cafeteria downstairs. Before the first payment, you need to present an attestation of employment (this attestation concerns only Inria employees, because they have a discount for meals, ask the assistant), and activate the badge. You can find there: in the morning some breakfast viennoiserie, at noon a small sandwich/salad/desert, and coffee during the opening hours.
    • You will need Polytechnique badge to access the school’s facilities, and to buy your lunch at Magnan canteen. In order to get a badge, you need to visit Bureau des badges and show them an attestation (ask the assistant). You can also go to the Caisse Centrale, also next to the restaurant (opens at 11:30 am), where you can add your canteen rights to your badge and add money. A visa recharge spot is also available.
  • Office
  • WiFi
    • Please follow this manual and connect to one of the available networks. (As of August 2020, it’s recommended to use INRIA-interne.)
  • Printer/scanner
    • You need to install a driver. The documentation is available here (fr). Note that on Ubuntu after installing the printer-sif driver you should modify /etc/cups/printers.conf to add your Inria LDAP user name in the deviceURI line: DeviceURI lpd://USER_NAME@
    • After sending a job to the printer, you can pick it up in any printer of the center using your badge.

Communication channels

  • Inria computer system account: contact Inria team assistant. You will need this to log in the Inria intranet.
  • LIX computer system account: contact LIX IT support.
  • Email addresses: every CEDAR team member has three email addresses:,, and
  • Mailing lists: you should be added to the following lists
    • cedar-main, cedar-news, cedar-seminar (ask Ioana)
    • labolix (if you aren’t automatically added check with LIX IT support, specifically Frédéric Ayrault)
  • Agenda in Google Calendar (ask Arnab)
  • Inria rooms booking system:
  • Slack (ask one of the team members for an invitation)
  • WordPress account at this team Web site (ask Paweł)
  • CEDAR Twitter account @cedarinrialix (ask Ioana or Mirjana if you want to tweet on the team account)

Getting started as a PhD student

Read about the standard operating procedures.

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