Five CEDAR short papers in Infox sur Seine

The following short papers have been accepted for publication in the
workshop “Infox sur Seine” (

Oana Balalau, Théo Galizzi, Oana Goga, Roxana Horincar, and Ioana Manolescu:
“Detecting propaganda and its impact on users”

Oana Balalau, Simon Ebel, Théo Galizzi, Ioana Manolescu, Quentin Massonnat, Antoine Deiana, Emilie Gautreau, Antoine Krempf, Thomas Pontillon, Gerald Roux, Joanna Yakin:
“Statistical Claim Checking: StatCheck in Action”

Salim Chouaki et Oana Goga:         
“Selective, Incidental, Targeted or Algorithmic News: Measuring Exposure to Misinformation”

Melissa Mokhtari, Leila Hamdad, and Oana Goga:
“What makes Facebook groups resilient to misinformation?”

Vera Sosnovik, Oana Goga:
“Benchmarks for Evaluating Political Ads Definitions”

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